Our Company

As is the case with many emerging companies, DataGraphix has evolved via a refinement of core competencies and fluent marketplace strategies. Our creative focus centers on the compiling, sourcing and management of data most especially as it relates to the integration, development and implementation of efficient marketing strategies for our clients.

Here at DataGraphix we position ourselves as the “liaison” between IT and Marketing. Our data collection and utilization efforts work off a marketing premise, in terms of sound analytics and strategies designed for companies to better address and enhance their business intelligence as it relates to their customer, prospects and product life cycles. Our mission is not to develop our brand, but rather, to help clients identify, develop and expand his or her own. We adapt our ongoing compiling methodologies to address the emerging needs of our clients and we allow for “private labeling” of our databases so that immediately a client can expand their own offerings, provide significant value added services to their clients in a seamless and fully integrated fashion.

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